VP Operations, 30 Second Pitch, Vice President, JBS Financial Services

Diane is the Vice President of JBS Financial Services. She has worked for Joe and his businesses since 2007 and has been involved with 30 Second Pitch since the initial concept. Her leadership skills and experience have allowed her to organize and promote a variety of successful events, seminars and programs for a wide range of businesses and charitable organizations in the US and the UK. Diane is also the President of the nonprofit organization Bear Givers and brings Bear Givers programs and activities to life with her one of a kind creative flair, unparalleled organizational acumen, and generous, warm hearted spirit. From initial contact through program development and execution, Diane fulfills Bear Giver’s mission with a smile and dedication. Whether Diane is customizing bears for a school, planning a hospital visit, or managing logistics for an EmpowerArt Program Art Show, she is always focused on helping children in need.