December 16, 2019    0 comment

Vibe Check! : Mindful Business

Check out our Instagram for Cynthia’s Highlight reel! : Intro To Cynthia Graham Cynthia Graham, serial entrepreneur, Virgo, and mindfulness coach. Cynthia found her own balance after she was put on bed rest after burning herself out running multiple businesses, forcing her to make a change. Although many entrepreneurs are told to ‘do whatever […]

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November 12, 2019    0 comment

Get Out Of My Workplace: Ageism In The Office

War of the Ages… or Employers As I was walking into my co-worker’s office about to  tell her about writing this blog, she responded with a story of her retired father wanting to get back into the workforce, but feeling like he had to take 20 years of experience off his resume so they wouldn’t […]

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October 4, 2019    0 comment

The Art of The Elevator Pitch: Momma Didn’t Raise No Weak Pitch!

What’s the Sitch ♫ You’re making your way downtown walking fast, faces pass, and you’re homebound ♫ … actually you are going downtown but you have to get out of the building first. You step into the elevator relieved that it’s the end of the day and you can finally relax when suddenly you come […]

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September 27, 2019    0 comment

Dreams Have no Expiration Date: Dorian Hunter is This Season’s Master Chef

Season 10 Comes To An End Master Chef celebrates the finale of its 10th season by naming 45-year-old Dorian Hunter this season’s winner. She is the oldest contestant, as well as the first black woman to win Master Chef. Dorian paid tribute to her family, as she always does, by serving her winning dessert on […]

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September 25, 2019    0 comment

Is There a Perfect Time To Start? Why It’s Never Too Late To Become a Successful Entrepreneur

Don’t believe everything you see on T.V You turn on the TV to watch YOUNG & HUNGRY. The main male protagonist is a successful tech entrepreneur at the ripe age of 32 looking for a personal chef. Like YOUNG & HUNGRY, the vast majority of entrepreneurs that you see on screen have a quick and simple […]

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August 5, 2019    0 comment

Well-being Expert Sandy Abrams on The Power of Mindful Breathing

The humid office climate stings your throat. The harsh blue lights of the computer screen before you make your headache sear even more. The stiff chair reminds you of how desperately you should see a chiropractor. All of this stress at work, and to combine it with the actual work you need to do can […]

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August 2, 2019    0 comment

How to Market on a Shoe String Budget

MARKETING ON A SHOESTRING BUDGET – ANJALI VARMA Anjali Varma is a business coach for female entrepreneurs and a marketing consultant that specializes in marketing, strategy, personal branding and business trading. This was her second time joining us at a WEC conference, and we were delighted for her return. Here are some key tips and […]

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July 31, 2019    0 comment

Expansion Plans & Diet Plans: How One WEC Business Women is Taking Her UK-Based Innovative Diet Solutions to the US

What does Its Never Too Late to Start Mean, Really? Many think the mantra “it’s never too late to start” is a one and done process. In other words, once you’ve already started your business, there’s no longer a need to live by the motto. But our value goes far beyond that. We don’t simply […]

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July 17, 2019    0 comment

Using the Minimum Viable Product Concept to Test Your Product

Don’t think you have enough money to launch your business? What if I told you you can launch a billion-dollar business with just a few thousands if not hundreds of dollars? What if I told you thousands of people just like you have already succeeded in doing just that? And, what if I told you […]

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